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Our renowned, professional
concert musicians

At Sofia Academy, we believe that music is not just a skill, but a way of life. Our music professors come from all parts of the world, offering a variety of different music genres and instruments. We are proud to have renowned concert musicians with lots of experience, who are passionate about enabling a creative and inspiring approach to music.

We offer a wide range of music lessons and a platform for renowned concert musicians to offer music lessons in different genres, such as Classical music, Jazz, Ethno, Flamenco, African, Oriental, and more.


We offer online lessons that are convenient and accessible, as well as in-person lessons in a number of great locations, including Brussels, Lyon, Istanbul, Budapest, and Podčetrtek.




"Petra is a virtuoso and a true artist who is helping me learn technique while also approaching music creatively and intuitively. Each class brings me knowledge but also new revelations, explorations, and healing."

More info about our concert musicians coming out soon!


60 ' = 55 €

Extended Lesson

45' = 45 

Regular Lesson

30' = 35 €

Short Lesson

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