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Petra Koprivec


Our founders are a group of creatives with a wealth of experience in fields such as Education, Arts, Music, Science, Wellbeing, Publishing and Culture.


We believe that by offering people access to our collective knowledge, we can equip them with the skills and confidence they need to build a happy and successful future. Our aim is to create a safe and inspiring environment where everyone can learn, grow and

enjoy their journey.


Petra Koprivec


Director, pianist, professor

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Petra Koprivec is a concert pianist, professor, composer, and the director of Sofia Academy. She began playing the piano at the age of three and presents herself as a solo pianist, chamber music player, piano professor, and soloist with established symphony orchestras such as Slovenia's National Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and Budapest's Danube Symphony Orchestra.

She is a prize winner of national piano competitions, a Gallus protégée and a protégée of AS foundation, a winner of the scholarship for specially talented musicians in Velenje, Slovenia for five years in a row, from 2010 to 2014 and a prize winner of the “Prešeren award".  


Mastering her skills at three conservatories of music: the Franc Liszt Academy in Budapest with dr. Laszlo Baranyay, the Conservatory of Music in Ljubljana with professor Dubravka Tomšič - Srebotnjak, and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels with world-renowned pianist Alexandar Madzar earned her two master degrees with honors (2013) and distinction (2016).


She is writing music for acting and dance performances. In 2017, she formed Luminarte, a sextet that performed her own compositions and musical arrangements. 

Petra Koprivec co-founded Pianist's Corner, a new association based in Brussels, with Umut Vicdan in November 2019, where they opened a new venue - the very first place in Belgium hosting boutique house concerts with the world's most established and renowned artists, publishing them online - and is now expanding her organisation by opening Sofia Academy.


Her most recent and authentic project is her new Brussels-based Jazz Trio, with fellow musicians Alessio Campanozzi (IT) on double bass and Pierre Hurty (FR) on drums. A trio has a distinct sound; they perform her original compositions, which can be described as a blend of jazz, classical, and traditional music, emphasizing the importance of complex and diverse rhythms combined with sophisticated, beautiful melody and elegant harmonies.


Zlatka Jambrovič


Therapy, coaching, seminars

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Zlatka Jambrovič is a qualified coach and highly intuitive therapist with more than 30 years of experience helping clients create positive changes in their lives. The red thread of her therapeutic work is holistic treatment, with which she helps people overcome their fears and progress towards their goals, and above all, how to live a more authentic, fulfilled life.


During her postgraduate studies at Bristol Cancer Help Centre (GB), she specialised in working with people affected by cancer. She was the director of the Lumina d.o.o. centre for education, counselling, and publishing and the director of the non-profit association DAR (help for cancer patients and their families). For many years, she lectured and led workshops for companies such as Krka and Revoz, as well as for health workers, managers, teachers, and educators. She was also a television presenter and a consecutive translator from English to Slovenian.


Many clients approach her with a feeling of being overwhelmed, in deep distress, or at a turning point in their lives. Zlatka helps them find the courage and strength to find a way out of their predicament and completely transform their lives.


If you want to find out how Zlatka can help you, contact her now. She has gained a deep understanding of the human psyche and is trained to help clients make long-term changes and take responsibility for their lives.


Lidija Koceli


Performing arts, language

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Lidija Koceli is a Slovenian, Croatian, and Serbian professor and rhetoric teacher. She taught in elementary school, at the UPI Žalec People's University, in vocational and secondary professional schools, and in Slovene language programmes for foreigners. She is a successful lecturer and educational organiser.

For many years, she was the programme director or head of EO culture at the Institute for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Žalec, where she and her colleagues built a strong cultural centre with a diverse range of programmes in all areas of artistic expression, own projects, production, and post-production, and offered a rich, diverse selection of programmes and workshops to the audience.

She has worked on the SOS phone for people in need for several years, practiced yoga and reiki, and is constantly educated in the field of personal growth with both foreign and domestic teachers. Since she was a student, she has been performing on stage (as a performer, moderator of cultural and other events, and leader of conversations with creators from various fields). She also dabbled in acting on several occasions, most recently with great success in her own monodrama, "My Voice, My Path." She wishes to offer and share her knowledge and experience in various creative ways.


Nataša Ferant


Herbs, seminars

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Mag. Nataša Ferant, a biologist at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec, has spent for the past 15 years researching and cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants. Her passion for herbs and essential oils stems from their profound effects not only on the physical level, but also on mental and emotional well-being.

She enjoys reading and discovering hidden meanings and symbolism. She is passionate about everything voice-related, creativity, healing, and the symbolism of connections on numerous levels.


Dejan Romih

Social media, photography

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