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Sacred Geometry Music

A sacred oasis of soothing music videos that will help you to

unwind, relax, and be inspired.

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My name is Petra Koprivec, and each piece of music I composed for you is tuned to a particular frequency based on the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence, and the ancient Egyptian knowledge of the grid of 9, which was previously known to Tesla, Pythagoras, Plato and Da'Vinci.


The grid of nine correlates to specific colours, numbers, and sacred geometric patterns that appear in music and are essentially the building blocks of our entire universe. Whether it's to aid in healing, relaxation, falling asleep, calming your baby or immersing you in the grand piano's live, acoustic sound, I am going to be releasing a brand-new, heart-warming soundscape every week! In order to get notifications about the most recent videos and embark on a new journey of discovery please subscribe.

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