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"There are paths taken,
paths untaken
and all the other paths." 

- Zlatka Jambrovic -

Zlatka Jambrovič


Therapy, Coaching, Seminars

Zlatka Jambrovič is a qualified coach and highly intuitive therapist with more than 30 years of experience helping clients create positive changes in their lives. The red thread of her therapeutic work is holistic treatment, with which she helps people overcome their fears and progress towards their goals, and above all, how to live a more authentic, fulfilled life.


During her postgraduate studies at Bristol Cancer Help Centre (GB), she specialised in working with people affected by cancer. She was the director of the Lumina d.o.o. centre for education, counselling, and publishing and the director of the non-profit association DAR (help for cancer patients and their families). For many years, she lectured and led workshops for companies such as Krka and Revoz, as well as for health workers, managers, teachers, and educators. She was also a television presenter and a consecutive translator from English to Slovenian.


Many clients approach her with a feeling of being overwhelmed, in deep distress, or at a turning point in their lives. Zlatka helps them find the courage and strength to find a way out of their predicament and completely transform their lives.


If you want to find out how Zlatka can help you, contact her now. She has gained a deep understanding of the human psyche and is trained to help clients make long-term changes and take responsibility for their lives.

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