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Aleksandar Madžar

26.4.2025 at 20h



2024 / 2025

We are thrilled to present an exclusive musical journey for true aficionados. You will have the honor of attending a series of eight concerts featuring top-tier musicians renowned worldwide. Following an outstanding and remarkable first season, we are immensely proud and excited to unveil the second season with exceptional artists slated to perform next year.

What makes Sofia's Concert Series unique in Slovenia?

Here, you can enjoy performances by elite artists in an intimate setting, and meet them over a glass of champagne in the charming Studio S concert hall, nestled in beautiful nature. These boutique concerts provide a unique opportunity to experience music up close and personal, fostering a special connection between the artist and the audience.

From October to May in the 2024/25 season, we will be taken on a musical journey through various genres, from classical and jazz to popular music, featuring outstanding instrumentalists, vocalists, and chamber ensembles.

The series will commence in October with a lively performance by violinists and multi-instrumentalists Bojan Cvetrežnik and Barja Drnovšek. November will feature a dynamic and innovative concert by Janez Dovč (accordion) and Goran Krmac (tuba). December will bring the vibrant virtuosity of Goran Bojčevski (clarinet) and his Balkan Nuevo project, creating a magical holiday atmosphere. In January, we will delight in the recital of young pianist Dejan Romih, while February will enchant us with a memorable musical story by Vita Mavrič (voice) and Jaka Pucihar (piano). March will be particularly magical with the piano virtuosity of Petra Koprivec, and in April, we will be graced by the refined elegance of world-renowned pianist Aleksandar Madžar, transporting us into a realm of musical dreams. The season will conclude in May with the debut performance in Slovenia of the exceptional jazz pianist and composer Omer Klein, who will take us on an unforgettable musical voyage.

Due to the exclusive nature of these boutique concerts, only a limited number of seats are available. If you wish to experience the artists up close, feel their presence, and practically hear them breathe, secure your tickets today.


23.11.2024 at 19h - JANEZ DOVČ & GORAN KRMAC

21.12.2024 at 19h - GORAN BOJČEVSKI & BALKAN NUEVO

11.1.2024 at 19h - DEJAN ROMIH

22.2.2024 at 19h - VITA MAVRIČ & JAKA PUCIHAR

22.3.2024 at 20h - PETRA KOPRIVEC

26.4.2024 at 20h - ALEKSANDAR MADŽAR

17.5.2024 at 20h - OMER KLEIN

In case the concerts are sold out please don't hesitate to contact us to put you on the waiting list, so you will be the first to know if any of the places free up!

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